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Why Do I Feel Irritated Before and After My Period

I have always felt irritated before and after my period and I never knew why? I grew up with a mom (she's 91) who never discussed these private issues with me so I really never discussed it with anyone. But, now because I'm so much more in tune with my body and I've discussed vaginal issues nearly every day, now I know why?? 


When we have our period our hormones change which causes an imbalance in our vaginal pH level, then once our period is over the balance returns to normal, or at least we hope it balances out again but sometimes it doesn't, that is when we experience odor and irritation and for me sometimes it would almost feel raw, which I know sounds gross but I don't know how else to explain it. So this is when we need something to help soothe and correct it. 


Even though I haven't had a period in a year or so and I think I might be done with that, when I did have a period V-Blissful Soothing Solution took all of that irritation, odor and rawness away, so I felt so much better. I still to this day can not believe that this All-Natural Solution has helped change my life and so many others.


So you see, it isn't just for yeast infections, it is for all types of vaginal irritations, try it I'm sure you will like it!

V-Blissful Soothing Solution