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Isn't funny how many words we have for our "Vagina"?

Ladies, we have so many words we use for our vagina, why is that?

I've even heard phrases for "yeast infections" as in "baking bread"

Although, if you use V-Blissful's natural yeast infection remedy, you won't have to use that phrase.

It seems to me that we still are embarrassed to talk about our body parts when everyone has them, we all have private areas and our private areas need attention just like the rest of our bodies. I actually think it's more important to keep our vaginals healthy and balanced. It's very important for us to keep our pH balanced this is what helps us deter infections from happening, I can't stress this enough! Words I have heard for our vaginas are hooha, lady bits, tulip, "babushka" ( my Portuguese cousins' word) coochie, vajayjay, box, muff, I mean they just go on and on...don't be surprised if you see these on my website every so often, it's fun to change it around maybe someday we will just call a spade a spade and get down to business and shout out VAGINA!

Ladies, keep your "babushka" healthy and happy, go to your annual appointments and keep the pH balanced and you will feel "Blissful" oh, did mention we have a product for that? :) "V" Blissful!

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