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34 Menopause Symptoms??


So, chances are if you have gone 12 months without a monthly period you are menopausal. It usually happens in your mid 40's to early 50's...

Did you know there were 34 symptoms of menopause?

Women go through a lot, do you think men really understand?

With the night sweats, day sweats, brain fog, skin issues, mood swings, irregular periods, fatigue, memory lapse, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, panic disorder, UTI's, bloating, hair loss, loss of breast fullness, body aches, breast soreness, changes in taste, digestive changes... 

I mean the list goes on and on...this is a great read in the Medical News Today with the full list...click here, how long does all of this last??

Who knows?

When to see a doctor? If any of these symptoms are unbearable and disrupting your life, they may be able to help ease the madness.

Everyone is different, so all I have to say is, holy cow, ladies hang on tight because Menopause is an adventure, to say the least! If we can get through menopause we can get through anything! 

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