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A Homeopathic Remedy That Works For Anti-Fungal Rashes (And It's Easy To Use)

The itching. The burning. The downright irritation. Think only women get yeast infections? Think again. Men can get yeast infections, too, and the results are not pretty. The official medical term for it is balanitis. It is just a fancy way to say inflammation of the penis. Roughly 1 in every 25 boys and 1 in 30 uncircumcised adult males experience the unpleasantness that is a fungal infection on their penises.

How do men get yeast infections?

Candida is the fungus that causes yeast infection in both men and women. It normally is found on the skin, especially when it is moist. One of the most common ways men get yeast infections is by having unprotected sex with a partner who has a vaginal yeast infection. This can cause an overgrowth of normal levels of candida, which turns into a raging yeast infection.

Other causes of yeast infections in men include:

  • Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for an extended time
  • Undetected or untreated diabetes
  • An impaired immune system, such as one infected by HIV
  • Poor hygiene practices
  • Obesity

Yeast doesn’t just affect the penis in men. It can appear on your buttocks, underarms, back, or stomach.

Signs of a yeast infection

Any man can get a yeast infection, but uncircumcised men are more prone to them. Candida can build up under the foreskin, where it is difficult to remove through daily hygiene practices. So, how do you know if you are one of the unlucky guys who has developed the beast that is yeast? Just like in women, there are some tell-tale signs and symptoms.

  • A thick, cottage-cheese-like substance in the skin folds. It can be yellow or whitish in color. Uncircumcised men may find it in their foreskin.
  • Skin anywhere on the penis that appears shiny and whitish looking.
  • Redness, itching, or burning anywhere on the penis but especially near the head.

Yeast is the gift that keeps on giving. If you suspect you have a yeast infection, it is important to avoid unprotected sexual contact with your partner. While the likelihood of transmission is small, there is a chance you can spread the infection. At the very least, having sex with a yeast infection can irritate the affected area of the penis and cause the fungus to spread.

Getting relief the natural way

Anti-fungal creams are available to treat yeast infections in both men and women. They can be messy and can take up to 7 days to work. If you are unfortunate enough to get a yeast infection, you can treat it the all-natural (and less messy) way with Man Bliss Anti-Fungal Spray. Use as often as needed until you feel relief.




Man Bliss Anti-Fungal Rash Homeopathic Remedy 4 oz.

It is no secret that men get yeast infections, it may just be on a different area of their bodies, but whether it be in the groin area, anal rash, underarms, back, or stomach, our anti-fungal rash spray goes to work quickly and gives fast relief!

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