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Things I Can Do To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor At Home

Our vaginas do not have to smell like a flower!


First of all we would like to share some vagina myths...

  • Vagina Myth #1

Your vagina should be odorless and smell like a rose.

NOPE, we believe this myth because many "feminine care" product companies claim you need our intimate area to smell like a "tropical breeze" 

This is simply not the case. While serious vaginal odor can be a sign of infection, a light smell is normal.

  • Vagina Myth #2

Every time you get itchy down there, it means you have a yeast infection.

NOPE, Many times, occasional itchiness can be caused by hormonal changes, irritation from undies (cotton is best) or a product you are using. Also can be attributed to Bacterial Vaginosis.

  • Vagina Myth #3

It doesn't matter what type of underwear I use, my vaginal odor has nothing to do with my underwear.

YES, it matters what type of underwear you use. Cotton is best. It is a natural fabric, and it's breathable and even absorbent. Cotton will absorb the sweat, while polyester will not, so with polyester you will feel sweaty and itchy down there. When all that sweat is going on down south that is when the pH level gets out of wack then the odor starts in.

With all of this being said, all of these things matter when it comes to vaginal odor and of course there are other factors to add in.

1: Our menstrual cycle is a big factor, it causes odor.

2: Our hormones fluctuate and can cause an odor.

3: What we eat matters.

One thing we know for sure is if our vagina's pH level is off that is when issues start to arise. One way to do that is to try and avoid all the things mentioned above. Use cotton underwear, don't use soaps or chemicals down there, tampons are a no no, and try eating a health diet also helps.

Your Blissful products also help! Their natural ingredients are the perfect blend to help keep that pH level balanced. It is safe enough to use everyday. V-Blissful Soothing Solution is the one product that will help with the odor, irritations, itching and dryness. We have been told that it is the perfect formula in terms of the pH level to keep the vagina right where it is suppose to be.

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Of course you should always consult with your physician first!