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Penile Yeast Infections In Men

What is a penile yeast infection you ask?

We usually associate a yeast infection as a female thing, but in reality, men suffer from yeast infections also.

A penile yeast infection is often a rash on the penis, it is very uncomfortable. The rash might be moist and it could have a white substance around skin folds, and it probably has a smell to it, maybe you feel some itching and burning on your shaft,  non the less it burns, smells, and itches.

I really don't think men like to think about it as a yeast infection, but it is.

If you think about it yeast grows in wet, dark places, what better place to grow than our pants? Our crotch is always covered and dark...we wear underwear and  pants, sometimes our underwear does not let things breathe down there.

Men who work and sweat usually sweat between their legs. They might get yeast infections more than women do (who knows) maybe they just call it jock itch and air out their gonads, but sometimes you need more than just airing out, once that yeast starts to grow it can spread and it is very hard to kill, it seems like once you get a yeast infection those darn candida albicans attack you more and more.

Ways to get rid of penile yeast infections are to kill those candida albicans, with either drug store creams or you can use something that will naturally kill the yeast, which would be a homeopathic remedy that you can use at home, but you should also take these precautions:

  • Keep the area dry and clean
  • Air out at the end of your day
  • Take a baking soda bath
  • Always shower after you are sweaty

All of these things help, keep in mind that you and your partner can give yeast infections to each other so try and not have sex during an active yeast infection and if you do wear protection.

One last thing if you are searching for an at home homeopathic remedy, Your Blissful Man Bliss has the perfect natural formula to help with these symptoms and keep those pesky yeast albicans away!