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Is A Yeast Infection Contagious?

Most yeast infections are NOT contagious...

 If you're wondering if you can transmit your yeast infection to a partner through sex, the short answer is: Yes, you can.  While it isn't common, it isn't rare either, does that make sense?

According to www.healthline.com about 15 % of men will contract a yeast infection through sex with a female partner.

So, with that being said, the male partner can then give his female partner a yeast infection, so you see the cycle?

It is best to make sure your yeast infection whether you are male or female, is completely cleared up before having intercourse or the cycle will just keep going...not fun!

Candida also can linger in our mouths and if you are a carrier and have oral sex that too can cause a yeast infection.

It is best to abstain from any type of sex or oral sex until you know that candida Albicans is cleared, although we all have a little in our system we don't want it to get out of control and cause issues. 

One way to help is to keep our pH level balanced...V-Blissful Products are great at doing so:)

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