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Can Stress Cause A Skin Rash?

Some of you may be familiar with the effects of stress on your skin through breakouts of acne or hives. But the negative impacts of stress on your health don’t stop there: stress can aggravate all sorts of bodily issues, including vaginal infections. A yeast infection, like any skin rash, can be affected by the state of your body – so while stress may not be the sole cause of your issues, it can certainly exacerbate them.


One way to help prevent imbalances in the body and avoid flare-ups is to treat yourself with care. Self-care will not only improve your overall happiness, but it is also beneficial in the long run to maintain productivity. Simple things like getting enough sleep each night, eating well, and taking breaks all help to keep you focused while you’re working and prevent overexertion.


Although in times of higher pressure you may want to ignore these necessities – such as by skipping dinner and staying up late for an upcoming deadline – constantly doing so puts more tension on your body. When your needs aren’t taken care of, your body reacts, and your overall productivity eventually goes down. But by reducing burnout through self-care, you both reduce the stress caused from mistreating your body and the stress caused from worrying over external factors – and in turn, you help reduce the chances of skin inflammation.


The opposite also holds true; by treating your medical issues, you can diminish your stress. Imagine: you have a small fungal infection, and don’t tend to it in the hopes it will resolve itself. The lingering discomfort causes you stress, which worsens your condition, which causes you more stress – it’s a vicious cycle! It is important to listen to your body and fix issues as they arise, in order to maintain your health.


While antimicrobial medicines can help treat infection, they also sometimes come with negative side effects, such as irritation or itchiness, which are the very symptoms women are often trying to alleviate. Some broad-spectrum antibiotics also destroy both good and bad bacteria, rather than selectively removing only harmful bacteria, which can create a breeding ground for further yeast infections. Medication’s effectiveness varies from person to person, so you should always consult your doctor before taking anything to treat a yeast infection.


Luckily, all-natural ingredients can also be used to combat the symptoms of yeast infection, without putting your bacteria in imbalance. Your Blissful’s products work to provide immediate relief to vaginal discomfort by reducing irritation and odor, all while supporting a healthy vagina. If you’re currently suffering from a yeast infection, consider using V-Blissful Soothing Solution to treat your symptoms. A happy body is a healthy body – and by maintaining your health both inside and out, you’ll be happier in return.