"I currently tried V-Blissful this past week and I absolutely love it. I have always struggled with constant yeast infections. I have found that if I wear spandex material underwear or just spandex shorts when playing sports, a yeast infection will develop in about 2-3 days after wearing them due to lack of oxygen and moisture. However, after using just one dosage of V-Blissful, my issue was resolved and I was able to gain comfort in my clothing. I am able to now wear my spandex underwear and shorts in peace without having severe itches. I have always had very sensitive skin and finding treatments is very challenging. V-Blissful is delicate and very calming on the skin. I have not had an issue with a yeast infection since! Thank you Stacy  for changing my life ❤️ I can now feel comfy, work out and enjoy the sports I love with out any complications." ~ Casey S.

"Easy to use, felt relief in a little over an hour infection went away by next day and has not come back, highly recommend." ~ Angela

" I have not had the issue of yeast infections but the irritation at times has been almost unbearable and this has definitely given me relief.  I am hoping with continued use I will be free completely from the discomfort. Plus I love how it smells! Thank you!  I will let you know how it goes." -Karen

 "After many many years without a yeast infection my doctor put me on medicine for sugar control and it gave me instant yeast infection two in a row. It was terribly uncomfortable, I tried over-the-counter medications which made it worse. They made it burn and made me numb so I was beside myself, I started using Desitin for baby rashes to get some relief it was just to get me through the day however it didn't make it go away. So then my friend had told me about this and initially I thought how would this work or is it just one of those fads. So in desperation in the middle of the night I went ahead and ordered the bliss it was delivered the next day. I started using it right away and it just worked so awesome  and instantly. A friend also gave me samples of the suppositories, I started using those just twice and it totally healed everything. So now i use the liquid every day on a panty liner, I also put some on a cotton ball and used it under my arms which were also raw and sensitive due to the medicine my doctor gave me. And it just made it feel so much better and cured it so I don't only use it when there's a flareup i use it every day love love!!! I'm telling all of my friends. In addition intimacy has been so much better than it has been in years TMI but  my husband is a Happy man these days 😍 no more over the counter stuff!!! I recommend it for everybody for every day"


"I actually used this product on my Doberman dog. He had hot spots on his skin and a yeast infection in both ears and with in 3 days he stopped scratching. I will continue to use this on him now periodically to keep this yeast infection under control. I will keep u informed thank u so much for also making my dog feel good"


 "I’m not sure if it’s age or what but over the past year I started getting a rash around my waist line I started a food chart changed soap and detergents nothing helped I went to the doctor and was given a steroid shot ( which we know aren’t good for our body) I felt relief but 5-6 months later it was back but on my lower back and up my spine area I went back to the doctor she did give me a steroid shot and told me I can not get another shot for at least another year. This time the shot did not help as much and a friend recommended this product I started using it on a Thursday evening I used it a few times through the evening and the same on Friday but realized on Saturday morning my rash was drying up and not itching! What a relief! I would recommend giving it a try it’s affordable and simple to use. "


"  I started to feel like I was getting an infection, I was itchy and very irritated down there, after 1 day of using V-Blissful liquid solution I felt better, I used it the next day just once and it has never come back."


"Before VBlissful, I was regularly irritated. I blamed my workout pants (since they are non-cotton) but I would continue to wear them. Now, every day after I come home from bootcamp or any type of exercise, I apply VBlissful and have instant relief. Since I now apply regularly, I have noticed the irritation has gone down tremendously! I'm so thankful for Stacy and the development of this product!" - Kattie