yeast infection remedy for pets
yeast infection remedy for pets

Pets...Yep Pets Get Yeast Infections Too

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 * Because Our Four Legged Friends Get Yeast Infections Too! *

Pet Blissful offers an all-natural blend of ingredients to help ease those pesky yeast infections and hot spots our beloved pets experience.

Whether their issues are in their ears, undersides i.e. bellies, paws, etc...

When our pets lick and lick it creates a yeast type rash or hot spot, Pet Blissful is here to stop all that licking and itching!

The more you spray the better your pet should feel.

Our pet owners report that they see a difference in 1 day, no more itching and licking, not to mention that awful smell...GONE!


Spray where needed or you may spray on a rag or cotton ball and apply directly to pets skin.


Coconut Oil, White Vinegar, Lavendula Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Xanthan Gum

If you see an adverse reaction discontinue use.