Rave Reviews

"Icurrently tried V-Blissful this past week and I absolutely love it. I have always struggled with constant yeast infections. I have found that if I wear spandex material underwear or just spandex shorts when playing sports, a yeast infection will develop, however, after using just one dosage of V-Blissful, my issue was resolved and I was able to gain comfort in my clothing. I am able to now wear spandex and not have the itches. V-Blissful is delicate and very calming on the skin. I have not had an issue with a yeast infection since! Thank you, for changing my life ❤️I can now feel comfy, work out and enjoy the sports I love without any complications."

- Casey C.

We Have Even More Happy Customers.

"I highly recommend V-Blissful Suppository as well as Vaginal Bliss. Yesterday I had the symptoms of a bladder infection. I followed the directions on both bottles and within two hours I was feeling relief. Thank goodness!!! This morning I have not had any symptoms of a bladder infection. Again, I highly recommend both V Blissful products.

- Cathy S.

"Love this product! Love it, easy to use and I can feel a difference almost immediately.

- Deby

"Icouldn't go to the Doctor because of the Virus. I called the office and they sent a prescription that did not help. I already had a bottle of blissful and used it and it helped so much , I didn't want to be without, so I ordered another one. I'm glad I had one and will always want to have one, in case I need it.

- Dorothy

"I have repurchased this product several times because it is “natural, “ and it works. Thank you for your time and effort into formulating a great hormone - free product for women like myself who are post menopausal!

- Karen

"Love this product ....I just keep ordering Best I’ve ever used for yeast problems!

- Shirley

"Easy to use, felt relief in a little over an hour infection went away by the next day and has not come back, highly recommend."

- Angela

"Oh my gosh, this stuff totally works for me. I love it I feel so much better all the way around so now I'm one of your number one customers, thank you so much I can't tell you enough thank you."

- Tammy