Yes! Our products are "Leaping Bunny Certified"
The Soothing Solution will help ease vaginal irritation and itchiness caused by yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, reactions to medications, or just about any type of irritation females encounter. It is very soothing to use after sex. Some users report it helps with vaginal dryness and it combats odors.
We never use Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. Tested on Us (Women) not Them (Animals) We use pure fractionated coconut oil, the highest quality Lavendula and Melaleuca essential oils, and vinegar solution. This is our proprietary blend, there is nothing else on the market like it!
Saturate a cotton ball or square and hold it on the vaginal area. Squirt a little on a panty liner or you can also squirt some on the toilet paper and wipe with it. I know some of us "Depend" on Depends or Pads at a certain age, which they can be very irritating to our "Lady Parts" it is so soothing when applied and can be used every day to help with that irritation! It's very versatile and easy to use!
If your vaginal area is really raw and irritated you may feel a little tingling or a slight burn but with continued use, that should go away. * Always consult a physician before use and if any adverse reaction see a doctor.*
100% pure boric acid, gel capsule.
It is very beneficial in balancing the vaginal pH level, aids with your overall vaginal health which in return helps with vaginal dryness, irritations, odor, and relieves itching. Simply insert 1 suppository in the vagina at bedtime, you may use it 1-3 days or if you feel you need more you may use it every night up to 14 days in a row.
All products are manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-approved and GMP (Good Manufacturing) facility, meaning that all batches are carefully measured and mixed, with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) provided by a chemist who has tested each batch to make sure it is perfect.
S-Blissful is made to help soothe irritated skin on any part of the body. It helps soothe skin rashes, whether they are caused by medications, work environment, and allergins. S-Blissful has an added ingredient Calendula, which is a very soothing natural essential oil, so it is great for sensitive skin.
We had such a large number of men ask about a product for men, we decided to make something a man would feel comfortable buying. It is made up of the same natural, soothing ingredients but for a man. Men sometimes get yeast infections on their genitals (jock itch) or other parts of their bodies, it is gentle enough to be sprayed where needed.