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Ok, so I have to tell you I'm a little taken back right now. I went to the dermatologist today to get a scan, they can scan your body to look for spots, my cousin has melanoma, so I thought I should get checked, it's just something that has been on my mind, so I went. Well, my body is fine but come to find out I have  a thing called frontal fibrosing alopecia! What???? I mean, believe me, I know it could be worse but apparantly it is an auto immune disease that has no cure, they can only give you steroids to slow it down. So, needless to say my mom came with me to the doctor and...

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Nail Fungus

Ok, I know my mom is probably a little partial, but she has been soaking her nails in the VBlissful liquid solution and her nail fungus is gone! She actually thinks it works for any ailment she has:) She is always telling me "why don't you make something for this thing or that thing...although I'm not a doctor or a scientist but I think, in my moms mind, I might be:):) 

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is so nice to see so many people pull together to make such a large impact on awareness. Yesterday I met someone who is doing a great fundraiser for breast cancer, she holds an event at her store in Stockton, Ca, her event raises $35,000 in one day! I feel like that is incredible! She owns this beautiful store that sells bras for women who have encountered mastectomies. Not only does she sell bras and lingerie, her store just has this sense of welcoming to it. I'm sure women who endure such a traumatic experience need to have a store like this. I love meeting people who have such a big heart :)

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Normal pH level

I'm sure women hear of pH levels for our lady parts, but do we really know what is normal and what isn't? And do we know what the pH levels are when we have yeast infections or any type of vaginitis?? My wonderful Nurse Practitioner gave me some insite on this...a normal pH level is 3.8-4.2 that is when we have healthy normal vaginas! When we start to feel irritation from any type of infection or hormonal imbalance that level goes to about 4.5 (usually) so that is why we start to feel uncomfortable down there, so we need something to bring it down to "normal" which is what VBlissful suppository and the liquid helps with...what a relief, and they...

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Boric Acid and What is it Exactly?

There are a lot of people out there who have never heard of boric acid and what it can be used for? It is actually a great all natural product that has been around for years. Here is some great information from Dr. Axe, I love him and I love to read his articles...  *It may sound like a dangerous chemical, but boric acid (BA), derived from boron, is actually an antifungal cure-all of sorts. How so? Well, BA is the key ingredient in a variety of effective and affordable home remedies for some of the most common fungal infections, including athlete’s foot and vaginal yeast infections. And that’s not all. Do you suffer from frequent eye irritations? An eyewash made at...

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